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Do you have information regarding a missing person?
Call our anonymous tip line: 
1 (866) 660-4025
(435) 671-8100

Mission Statement

We Help the Missing, Inc. is a domestic 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We are comprised of a team of private investigators and citizens who selflessly dedicate themselves to investigating, locating, advocating, and raising awareness of missing persons, to include indigenous people, to identify unidentified decedents and recover human trafficking victims.  It makes no difference the age of the loved one or how long they have been missing. We strive to offer support to the families who are going through this difficult time.


We Help the Missing is dedicated to supporting the families and loved ones of the missing.  Our mission is to stay in contact with our families and to never let them feel forgotten.

Your family is our family. We pride ourselves in giving help and hope to the loved ones of the missing. 

Coping with a missing loved one is traumatic and overwhelming.  We want our families to know that you are never alone.  We offer continued support and are totally committed to our families during this very difficult time.


We have a dedicated referral network of professional investigators as well as current and former law enforcement who understand missing person’s cases.  All of whom have a passion to assist families and law enforcement to expedite the transfer and assimilation of information. Hopefully assisting in bringing answers to the families of their missing loved one and most importantly, bringing them home. 

When a case is presented to us, as part of our service, we will try to locate a private investigator (hopefully Pro Bono) in the area your family member is missing.  This is just one of the many services we offer to our families, as a means to offer peace and hope.


Rapid Response

We Help The Missing has joined forces with Road Warriors for the Missing as our rapid response team.

These volunteers are ready to ride and show up to distribute posters to strategic physical locations.


 They also canvass neighborhoods and report back to our investigators. 

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