About We Help The Missing

We Help the Missing, Inc. is a Domestic 501(c)3, Non-Profit Corporation, which is comprised of a team of volunteers, investigators, bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and others who selflessly dedicate themselves to investigating, searching, social media and media and other avenues, as possible, to locate missing persons and supporting the loved ones nationwide. It makes no difference the age of the missing person or how long the loved one has been missing. 


Who We Are

Our team is comprised of compassionate, dedicated persons, with many years of experience in the missing persons arena.  We have a full range of qualifications.
Our mission is to help locate missing persons and to support, guide, give comfort and hope to the families through this most difficult time and beyond.

We fully understand the pain these families go through when a loved one is missing and are very aware of the imminent dangers that a missing person may encounter.  Time is of the essence.  It is our belief that there is nothing worse than living in the "void of the unknown" and not knowing where to turn.  

We commit ourselves to providing every resource in our reach to help.    


Our Team


Marki Davis  - President/CEO/Founder

Marki has a background in Criminal Justice and in 2010 she attended the academy to become the Utah victim's advocate for the US Department of Justice's NamUs program.  She is certified in Listening for Understanding, Crisis Management, and the University of North Texas' Missing Persons Protocol. 

Marki has been dedicated to helping find missing persons since 2005.  She has a strong compassion for the missing and unidentified. She has been on the board of directors of two previous missing persons organizations. This compassion extends to the families of the missing and to raising awareness through advocating for the missing   Marki has assisted law enforcement on many active and cold cases. Marki also specializes in Criminal Defense Investigations and insurance fraud. 


Amanda Rawlings - Vice president

Amanda is a passionate soul dedicated to her community. She has volunteered with many Utah organizations including the Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA), the Pride Festival, and is the founder of The Names That Matter focused on missing & unidentified Utahns. Amanda works as a police dispatcher and also works with individuals with disabilities. She has a Bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University in Emergency Services Management. She's married and has a house full of furry best friends. Amanda is excited to become a part of the WHTM Team!

Amanda is delightfully willing to learn everything.  She is a very cherished member of our We Help The Missing Family. 

Kimberly SANDER - Secretary

Kimberly does not have a back ground in Criminal Justice. Nor does she know first hand how it feels to have a missing child. However, she has an immense amount of deep compassion and the ability to empathize with the missing person and their families that come to us for help.

Kimberly was born in Cheyenne Wyoming and mostly raised on ranches in several states. Therefore being somewhat protected from the evils of the world. So when she landed in Mesa Az. at 18 yrs old it was some kind of culture shock, to say the least. During her 7 yrs there, she was introduced to the faces of the missing and their often helpless loved ones, with expressions of defeat on their faces, not knowing where to turn for help aside from law enforcement. 

Years later, while raising her own 3 children, in the tiny little town of Cedaredge CO., Marki's team uncovered and aided in the bust of a human/child trafficking ring right there in her tiny little town where she thought was a "safe haven". So when asked to join our "WHTM" family, she jumped at the chance to help in any way she can.


Kimberly is a vital member who brings to us her compassion and willingness to help. 

Cheyenne MCmicheal - Administrative Assistant

Cheyenne is a graduate of Criminal Justice and Archaeology at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  She is worked full time while going to college and interning with a CSI unit.   She will be an asset to any endeavor she puts her mind to.  



Board Members

Bleu Petty - Family support director

Bleu works in the hospitality arena in Phoenix, Arizona.  From her own words she stated, "I help the missing because I know firsthand what it’s like to have a child missing. My daughter has been running away from home since the age of 13. She is now 18.  At times I felt so alone and lost and didn’t know what to do. Then I found an organization that helped others in my situation. I never felt alone after that. I never knew how many families go through this devastating situation until it happened to me. I want to help others through this because I understand what they are going through. I want to help bring some sense of relief that they do not have to go through this alone and that there are others that understand what they are going through and that they have a shoulder to lean on whenever they need it."

She is a loved and valued member of We Help The Missing with great compassion and insight into missing persons.  


Kimberly Collis - SAR director and private investigator

Kim is a private investigator with A-Team Investigative Services. She has been a member of Red Rock Search and Rescue since 2015. After the disappearance of a local teen, Macin Smith, a division was formed in the St. George area to help search. She spent the next year and a half studying and attending every training class she could get her hands on to prepare for her NASAR SARTECH II certification (a national search and rescue certification that consists of written and practical exams to ensure that you are knowledgeable in SAR skills) Kim has a strong desire to help others and bring families together. She and has taken multiple courses to expand her knowledge, such as social media investigations, wilderness and psychological first aid, search tactics for persons with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Autism, and Mental illness. In June 2017 she attended a 3 day man-tracking course from Fernando Moreria’s Professional Tactical Tracking school where she became a POST certified Basic Tracker. Her latest accomplishment was a wilderness survival trip where, alone, she had to build a shelter, start a fire without matches, collect water from the local vegetation, and attempted to catch her own food.

To relax, Kim enjoys crocheting hats for the homeless, making soap, creating custom blend makeup, and getting the gold! Kim and her childhood sweetheart and husband of over 20 years, make a great gold prospecting team and love finding gold and exploring new areas!

With Kim's expertise and compassion we are very glad to have her on our team as she contributes greatly to our cause and to our up and coming SAR team. 


Pat MCManus - Private Investigator

Pat owns Allegiance Investigators in Sioux Falls, SD. He started his career as a police officer in Beresford, SD then moved to the private sector spending several years as an Asset Protection Manager for Target Stores and Lewis Drug. During this time he developed an intense interest in interviewing and interrogations which he is fortunate to be able to use investigating criminal and civil matters for retail stores, insurance companies, law firms and private individuals. He caught the “fever” for locating the missing when he was asked to find a young addicted man who had disappeared five years earlier while living on the streets in Seattle, WA. Pat felt lucky to be able to find the person and notify the family he was safe and would be coming home in the next few days. Working with We Help The Missing (WHTM) gives him the opportunity to learn and participate in this kind of work with a group of dedicated professionals here at WHTM.

Pat's experience and wit makes Pat a treasure to the organization.



Alexa Althoff - Media Director

Alexa  is an internationally published journalist and radio show host who currently lives and works in the Black Hills with her husband and two dogs. Since she was young, uncovering the truth and "getting to the bottom of things" has been a passion. She holds a degree in Psychology from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and has worked in the broadcast, newspaper, and digital-media industries."

Alexa brings with her exceptional talent to assist in finding missing people.  We are excited to have her. 

Vicki Brakel - Chairperson - Graphics director

Vicki knows first hand the emotional toll a missing loved one can have. She had a child go missing and she had no idea where to start. Emotions took over, and through a long period she was able to find her child. Now she wants to help others that have been where she was. She also had a good friend go missing not to long ago and was able to help organize with a SAR team. She has a passion to help others not feel they are alone and help bring their loved one’s home.

Vicki jumped on board with passion and eagerness.  We are glad to have her.