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We are very proud of our Professional Private Investigators. 
We sincerely thank them so much for their service to the families of the missing. 


Please note that Investigators volunteer with We Help The Missing.  We are not responsible or liable for their actions.  If a  contract can be established with the client and investigator for money that is between them.  The Investigator must report back to our Director or Head of the Investigations assign on a regular basis.


Should the client choose to hire one of our volunteer investigators or an investigator outside of our organization for compensation,  that is entirely up to the client.  

 The Investigator who is a volunteer represents We Help The Missing. We respect the Investigators that sign up with us to help. We will not tolerate those who would exploit a vulnerable family.  Rogue Investigators or Exploiters of the Family will be removed and/or reported where necessary. 

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